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1977 Toyota Chinook 4x4 Camper

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John Galt

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Bend, OR
I bought this in 2011. Flew out to Utah and drove it back to Oregon. I then stored it in the garage and it has been there ever since. I had big plans for this, but as so often happens life changes. This is a 1977 Toyota Chinook 4x4. It was one of the originals that was sold as a 4x4. The conversion was done by Low Mfg for Toyota. It is not perfect by any means and it is a project. I gutted the inside to redo it but never got to it. Most of the cabinets, stove, sink, etc I kept intact as I took them out. Floor of the camper still looks good with no rot. There is some cancer in the front floor boards. The frame looks like a little surface rust but not much. There seems to be little spots showing up on the hood now but nothing serious. It had a 20r that was upgraded to a 22r. The odometer says 83,xxx miles. But I'm sure its 183,xxx or more. All the glass is out of the camper (to get prepped to paint) but all still in great shape. The tires are pretty much band new. They have 800 miles on them.
Like I said, this is a project but if someone had the time, you would end up with one of the most unique camper/overlanders out there. I havent started it in a long time but have no doubt it will fire up and run. Last time I drove it was back from Utah and I did 800+ miles in one day. I am guessing you would have to bring a trailer unless you you want to drive it with no windows in the camper part. I have already had new upholstery made for all the cushions for the bed and benches that will be going back in. I will try and be as detailed as I can about what kind of shape it is in and what it needs (to my best knowledge).
Price wise I have no idea what to ask. Truth is I have to sell this because its in my late grandfathers RV garage and his estate is being settled and his house sold. So what I would like to get for this is pretty irrelevant. I have a couple months to sell this and then someone is going to get a really really smoking deal. I know people get mad when you dont put a price so I will say $2500. But that is most definitely OBO or trade for who knows what. Here are a bunch of pictures.

When I brought it home from Utah

How it is stored right now

Cancer in the floor boards


Stripped interior



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Carbureted 22R, solid front axle, all the really tedious demo work is done, some welding...dude, stick it on EBay with a $5k buyout and it'll be gone in a day.