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  1. North40overland

    ZR2 South East

    Calling All Colorado ZR2 Owners! I would like to put together a group of Zeddies to go an do some wheeling and overland camping. I am located in North Georgia and spend a lot of time in the Chattahoochee, Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests doing dispersed camping. If there are any ZR2...
  2. S

    US East Decked Drawer/ToolBox System for Colorado Zr2 - 5'2" bed

    For Sale -$800 - Decked drawer system for a 2018 ZR2 with the short bed (will also fit the Z71 or standard Colorado with the 5 foot bed). I purchased them for $1,200 less than 6 months ago, and just haven’t been able to figure out a way to use them that is more useful than the space they take...
  3. E


  4. BrockSamsonZR2

    Peters Mill Run Questions

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I live in North Virginia and was going to make the trip out to Peters Mill Run Saturday morning. About me: - First time attempting to find an OHV trail and travel it. - Looking for a good beginner trail. - Vehicle - 2018 Colorado ZR2 (front and rear...
  5. LoneStarFlatLanders

    Good News for Colorado ZR2 Owners

    GM finally has a fix for off-road unintended air bag deployment. https://jalopnik.com/chevrolet-will-fix-colorado-zr2s-to-prevent-airbags-fro-1830317992?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook
  6. Beans

    The Swisha Loop - Southwestern Quebec, full trip video included!

    Hi All, I recently completed the Swisha Loop in southwestern Quebec with four other members of Northeast Overland. Northeast Overland is based in Maine and runs guided trips. However, this trip was just for us. Our trip was five days long, two travel days and three days to run the route. The...
  7. Paradox732

    MiniMax ZR2 Colorado Build

    So ditched the Tundra in favor of something a little more trail worthy. I picked up an 18 ZR2 Diesel after almost 10,000 miles and a trip through AZ, CA, UT and many CO trials I determined that really the only things I needed were just accessories for the truck. The suspension, powertrain...