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  1. A

    2 new Zarges cases 525

    I'm selling 2 brand new zarges cases. These are listed in the store as the small and medium. For pickup in the DFW area. Asking 525
  2. Road

    Looking for Threaded Screw Mounts/Project Feedback. . .

    Hey all, I scored a great aluminum Zarges case on clearance that I'd like to turn into a portable desk/work surface/table for camp and van. It is a perfect size at approx 19 x 35 x 7.5 deep. It has a 1/2" recess all the way around on the underside. I would like to be able to mount legs simply...
  3. David Munoz

    Zarges aluminum case

    I've always wanted an Alu-box but I couldn't get myself to pay the steep price for one. I decided to try my luck on craigslist and my local swap meet. After about a month of searching I managed to find myself a Zarges and I couldn't be happier! It was in rough shape when I bought it; it had...