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  1. Embark With Mark

    Cheap Jeep Headlight Upgrade

    Hello everyone, For years I thought my headlights were "good enough" but then, after moving areas and switching jobs to one that requires me to drive through the mountains, I drove through a fairly large snowstorm. The storm was bad enough that I could not see the road even driving at a slow...
  2. Leclerc.27

    Wiring for 648W Lightbar?

    Hello, I recently bought a Nilight 648W lightbar that I'm going to be throwing onto my WK2. I'm trying to figure out the wiring I need (as well as the other relays/breakers, etc.), but I suck at electronics and feel like I'm calculating in circles. Even the "Customers Frequently Bought with"...
  3. Runamok

    Arb fridge wiring kit for indel b fridge

    I installed the arb fridge wiring kit for my indel b fridge then noticed that the DC socket that comes with it is different than the 12v plug on the end of the indel B DC cord. Anyone have a solution for this or does anyone know if the ARB DC cord if I ordered it would fit into the indel b fridge?