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  1. DasKeyserSoze

    FOR SALE San Diego, CA: Eight PCOR Wheels

    Eight (8) Matte Black 17x9 PCOR Wheels in like new condition with less than 1500 miles on them. Asking $1200. Pattern: 5x150 Load Rating: 1500kg OffSet: N25 Center Caps and Nuts included
  2. Whiteout

    Overlanding Tire and Wheel size

    HI all! This is my first thread. So I hope I put in the right section. I'm looking to put some new rubber on 2016 F150. The truck came with 275/65R18 (32.1 x 10.8 with a 7" sidewall). I was thinking about going with a 20" wheel (really like the Fuel Contras) and 296/60R20 tire (34 x 11.6...
  3. itarin

    SOLD 5th Gen 4Runner Trail wheels w/tires - $600 obo - NE Florida

    Stock 2014 4Runner Trail wheels with BFG Long Trail tires in stock size w/ good tread . Can send pictures. Trying to keep it local but will travel in the North East Florida/South GA area. These have sold.
  4. 4xFar Adventures

    Steel Wheel vs. Alloy Wheel

    So pretty much every vehicle now comes from the factory with alloy wheels. For vehicle manufacturers, it makes sense because of the weight reduction vs. a steel counterpart. There's less rotational mass to turn the wheel so there's a savings in fuel economy which is what most buyers pay...
  5. thebuell

    SOLD McGard Wheel Locks