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  1. Tommys

    Only the destination is written, not the journey.

    While driving our final miles towards home, we discovered that things can go south very quickly. Especially when it comes to weather. We quickly used iOverlander app to set up a base camp, but later only to abandon it and retreat into our steel horse sled. There we slept until dawn. Have you...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    Taking the Mrs.

    I have done what I can to make fair weather trips as comfortable as possible for my wife. Toilet, annex, heater, extra pillows and blankets. These are all great for bathroom, changing and bed times but, what have you all done to keep your better halves warmer and less irritable around camp as...
  3. killallninjas

    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    Our weekend plans for camping with a group in N. Georgia were sacked when some nasty weather scared off most. We decided to head toward the storm to change the timing of the weather a bit. We hunkered down to get through a pretty nasty storm which brought the nice cold weather with it, and we...
  4. MA_Trooper

    Stay Safe Out There! And Show Us Your Snow!

    With the Nor'easter bearing down on the North East I just want to say, stay safe if you have to venture out. But I also want to see your snow. So check in with some snow pics throughout the storm!