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  1. Lower48Outfitters

    FOR SALE Go Somewhere America Ranger Eye Patches - Worldwide Shipping

    GO SOMEWHERE RANGER EYES ONLY25 SETS LEFT AS OF THIS THREAD PURCHASE LINK: Are you ready for adventure? A drive across country, to another state, into the woods, off to a hike, on to the beach? The Lower 48 states...
  2. vagabondexpedition

    Velcro tape

    Not so much a DIY project in itself, but this stuff is a must have in your tool kit for your diy projects. Use it to keep awnings tightly rolled up, tool bags closed, tie items to your roll bars, the options are limitless. It is both strong and temporary so you can move things around, and open...
  3. [DO]Ron

    Velcro, do you use it in your rig?

    So, a piece of my center console has its plastic damaged a bit because it used to have a old (00’s style) hands free set mounted on it. So I was thinking of cutting some Velcro to size so it would match in perfectly and cover the damaged area and still look neat. I know loads of people use...