vancouver island

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  1. J Tosh Reed

    Vancouver Island/Gulf islands Region

    would love to see a Vancouver Island and Gulf islands region. Those of us that live off the coast on either the main island or one of the smaller ones (over 250,000 people) aren't always available to head to the mainland, especially with BC ferries charging so much to take your rig to and from.
  2. J Tosh Reed

    Bamfield, BC

    This is an easier run for those with well equipped rigs and more wheeling/crawling experience and a good beginner route. Bamfield is an amazing piece of Vancouver Island that is quite remote. Coming from the USA or the mainland, you need to ferry in to either Nanaimo or Victoria. Access...
  3. J Tosh Reed

    Vancouver Island Members?

    I know there aren't a ton of us yet but I wanna change that! The island is definitely it's own region apart from the main land, even if just because of the damn ferry being so expensive to take our vehicles on and off Haha. There's some pretty amazing places to hit up here on the island, lots...