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  1. vagabondexpedition

    Asleep In a Jeep.... mods and diy projects

    For my @vagabondexpedition followers, you'll know that I parted ways with my roof top tent late last year. I've gone back to sleeping in the Jeep, so I'll document a few of the challenges and the modifications I'm doing to "make it work". Follow along, put these tips to use in your own Jeep...
  2. vagabondexpedition

    KISS - Running Water

    Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up with technology and gear. I sat pondering how to get running water in the back of the Jeep for a while before it clicked it - just siphon it out! A $2.00 piece of tubing and a spare cap for the Rotopax can gives me running water in the back of the Jeep...