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  1. Codebeagle

    Codebeagle's Family Adventure Trailer

    Greetings Overland Bounders! I'd like to introduce to you the crown jewel of my setup: the low-budget, multi-use utility adventure trailer. I bought this 5' x 8' enclosed utility trailer for $500 from my parents who had it custom built back in 2000. It has 50/50 barn-style rear doors, a...
  2. GHQ1

    M416 Utility Trailer Restoration/Improvement (1967 Johnson Furnace)

    As much as we enjoy our Gobi rack, we discovered an everpresent need for more and varied space for all our camping gear. We looked at a lot of different military trailers and selected the M416 for its size, weight and durability. For months on end . . nothing . . .until a FB post pointed us...