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  1. Henry Foote

    SOLD 1990 Toyota Hilux Surf 4x4 (lightly modified), Ithaca NY

    SOLD I'm listing my 1990 Hilux for sale. I've owned this truck for exactly a year and it's been a reliable daily driver and light off road vehicle. Upgrades have been aimed at increasing power, gas milage and reliability. $7500 This is a right hand drive car that I bought from Japanese Classics...
  2. Henry Foote

    FOR SALE 1990 Toyota Hilux Surf turbodiesel

    This is my 1990 Hilux Surf for sale $9000 I bought the truck last December from Japanese Classics LLC in Richmond, VA. They imported it from Japan earlier that year. ~125,000mi I have added: GReddy intercooler Replaced turbo with an OEM CT20 EGT/boost gauge Boost controller (set to 14psi...