truck cap

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  1. AVTA

    2014 F150 "Red Barron"

    This is going to be a slight build as it's my daily driver and work horse. It's being set up as a long range traveler with the ability to do some trails. Currently it is stock except for the added lights 42" behind the grill, ditch lights, and the bright red cap. The plan forward is new...
  2. HEYElliott

    Truck cap reinforcement question

    To any pickup truck owners that run caps or toppers (whatever you call it); im interesting in putting a RTT from Burmis Outdoors on top but I am weary about the strength of the fiberglass with the dynamic weight of the tent while driving as well as the static weight of the tent with myself and...
  3. Justin Roach

    2WD Overlanding

    Hey guys, new to the forum and wanted to get some advice on how to get into overlanding with just a 2WD Ford Ranger. I have a truck cap for it and have built a drawer system and platform bed to sleep on. I have planned out a 3 day trip up the east coast (I'm based in Maryland) but that is just...