trailer hitch

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  1. S

    US East $1000 FreeSpirit Recreation RTT

    Tent has been used only a handful of times for weekend camping trip and has been garage kept when not in use. Classified as a 2 person tent. This one was branded for Jeep. More information regarding FreeSpirit Recreation tents can be found here: or for specs of this model...
  2. Ambulance911

    Ford E-350 ambulance trailer hitch?

    Hello Overland Community, I hope you are all well I have a 1997 Ford E-350 Ambulance by Wheeled Coach. I am trying to get a bolt on trailer hitch for it. It is just going to be for a bike rack right now or maybe a motorcycle rack. Has anyone done this before? The rear step may get in the...
  3. HIGH Maintenance

    What is the best trailer hitch type and its proper application?

    Looking for some input on the best hitch class, possibly a Class 4 or 5, receiver hitch. This hitch will be primarily for OB applications such as towing a camping trailer with Roof Top Tent (RTT) similar to a Patriot Camper. The hitch will also need to serve as a recovery point when thing...