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  1. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest - Coeur d'Alene National Forest overnight

    It's time to Barbecue Do you like Barbecue? So do I. Let's get together and do some camp BBQ. Well, I like to have a theme for overnight dinners. The dinner theme for the night will be, you guessed it BBQ This is not a requirement, but It does make for a fun evening with everyone taking a...
  2. Iridium

    US Rocky Mountain Northern Colorado Trail Ride/Meetup

    The trails in Northern Colorado are finally open! Come join us for a trail ride/meetup as we explore a few trails in the Red Feathers area.View Rally Point
  3. Kevinista

    US Midwest Winter Run

    *This will be a softroading adventure at best! (Nothing technical, no rock climbs, black diamond etc.) We will be taking the same route the Subaru club did a few months ago. Some paved roads, gravel roads, and slight mud. Hopefully we will get snow for this run!View Rally Point
  4. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Better late than never. IDBDR section 8 reconnaissance.

    Signage says you cannot get into the national forest near Clark Fork, but I have heard that with a high clearance rig there is no problem getting through the washout area. Join me in a Better late than never reconnaissance mission to get real data to post on the IDBDR site. I'm planning lunch...
  5. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland NW: MEGs #3 (McCroskey State Park)

    Better than a meet and greet! Not as cool as an overnight trip to the middle of nowhere. Let\\\'s get together anyway! Bring your rig in trail configuration for an overnight camping shakedown, Cook using your kitchen or throw some food on the fire. Pack your stuff - Unpack your stuff - Use...
  6. KDC

    US Southwest Lake Fredrick Get together - 01/20/2019

    Convoy out to Lake Fredrick to have a day of fun out on the trails and just hanging out with friends, family, kids, and animals. Estimated time of departure from Lawton, OK 0830-0930. Estimated time of arrival to Lake Fredrick 1030-1100. If you would like you may just meet us out there. View...
  7. Jedi

    Northwest Washington Overland Bound – October 2018 Meeting and Trail Ride

    [Rally Point] We will start with a brief meeting in the parking lot of Fountain Drive-In / Your Daily Grind Espresso to discuss the future of NW Washington Overland Bound, including meeting schedule and training. From there we will caravan up 530 to Darrington and the start of the Mountain Loop...