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  1. ovrlndr

    Biggest Equipment Failure, or Breakage While on a Trip // Did you fix it, and how?

    I have my own story, I might be putting it over in my build thread and then here... But I want to hear YOUR stories! What is the biggest equipment failure or breakage you've had while out on a trip? Where were you when it happened? Did you fix it on the spot or did you have to drive the rig out...
  2. Rubyredfozzy

    Any thought...flexseal for fluid leaks?

    has anyone tried to use that flex seal for any type of flip leaks. I know on the commercials they can seal up water leaks but how does it hold up to chemicals in vehicle fluids. for example a radiator hose leak or a hole in a gas tank. I have some serious sticky pads that are used to seal...