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  1. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Trail Puddles!

    Are you the person who guns it into puddles? Or do you hold back and take it slow? We are a little of both to be honest, there are times when we will have some fun, that is if we know the trail really well, and have seen this area dry/void of standing water. Then sure just to have a little...
  2. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Trail Blockages

    Here is a proposed situation: You are driving down a trail and maybe it's a favorite trail that you frequent all the time, or a new trail you have never been on before. You notice a downed tree that is completely blocking passage, and there is no alternative way around or over the tree. Do...
  3. Road

    Land Use - Leave It Better Than You Found It

    Original content left for historical purposes: Very pleased to announce that in response to Overland Bound member requests, we have a wonderful new top level addition to the forums: Land Use - Leave It Better Than You Found It It is available to both members and public and currently has two...
  4. 4xFar Adventures

    What trail condition do you LOVE the most?

    So my previous post on the trail condition you FEAR the most had some pretty good replies. This time, I'd like to know what trail condition is your favorite? I'll start off with granite rock. Like a giant slab or mountain's worth of it. The traction it gives is unbelievable. To this day I still...