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  1. North40overland

    HAM vs. GMRS - The Great Debate

    My dad and I are split on this. He is an old ham K0AJ and I am a big GMRS guy WRME413 / ATL-699. He says ham is better and that I am just being lazy for not taking the test. I tell him that GMRS is more accessible and all the overlanders I know use it. He says HAM has way more repeaters. I...
  2. North40overland


    SHOWCASE YOUR SUPER CLEAN INSTALL. I worked really hard to do a SUPER CLEAN INSTALL for my Midland MXT 275. It was a pain but I am really happy I put in the extra effort. I even managed to put in a handheld charging station. I am looking to install a Midland DBR2500 and needs some ideas...