trail cleanup

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  1. Ubiety

    Cancelled Greater Seattle Area Recurring Meetup

    This recurring meetup is intended to get Seattle area locals together on a regular basis in order to socialize and grow the local Overland Bound community. The agenda is wide open; teleconference calls, burgers, trail runs, training, camping, rig work days, trail work days, whatever the group...
  2. MA_Trooper

    US East East Region Spring Meetup: New Jersey - 04/25/2019

    This is the spring meetup for the region. We will be camping, riding some trails, doing some trail cleanup/maintenance, and having some fun outside. We are capping the rig count due to camping restrictions. But if you want to come out for a day you are more than welcome. *As a reminder, the...
  3. Road

    Land Use - Leave It Better Than You Found It

    Original content left for historical purposes: Very pleased to announce that in response to Overland Bound member requests, we have a wonderful new top level addition to the forums: Land Use - Leave It Better Than You Found It It is available to both members and public and currently has two...
  4. HEYElliott

    Trail cleanup event.

    Hi Folks, since its the start of the offroad season I wanted to propose the idea of a trail run/ cleanup. Does anyone have any suggestions for a location that they think is in need of some TLC? Once we decide on a place I can make a rally point for the clean up and see about some guardian coins...
  5. Anchor Mtn

    2018 Moab Trail Cleanup Fundraiser

    I am cross posting this from a local Utah forum because it falls well within the core values of Overland Bound... Every year they do this fundraiser/cleanup and could use the support of EVERYONE in the OHV community. Even if you arent a Jeep owner or a rock crawler, Moab is an amazing place and...
  6. Coach Reese

    Trail Cleanup: Shotgun Creek OHV - 03/11/2018

    We are doing a trail cleanup at Shotgun Creek OHV near Springfield, OR. There is a lot of trash and shooting debris up there. It is our goal to begin a cleanup effort to help advocate for new Class II trails and site improvements. View Rally Point Details