toyota rav4 awd le

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  1. 16rav4_project

    16Rav4 snorkel and roof basket

    This is my 2016 RAV4 LE AWD that I am rigging up with stuff. The roof basket I bought from Walmart $100. The LED POD lights on the roof basket are off of amazon $16.99 for the pair. After drilling holes in the baskets lower frame I installed them and wired them up. The two on the front are spot...
  2. 16rav4_project

    2016 Toyota RAV4 LE AWD

    This is my 2016 RAV4 build. I bought a snorkel for a 90's jeep Cherokee. I had to make some cuts and bends. So far this is my only upgrade. I bought some wheels and tires. Haven't put them on yet due to their 4 hours away.right now I'm running 29's and 17's currently but next month I'll be...