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    US East Decked Drawer/ToolBox System for Colorado Zr2 - 5'2" bed

    For Sale -$800 - Decked drawer system for a 2018 ZR2 with the short bed (will also fit the Z71 or standard Colorado with the 5 foot bed). I purchased them for $1,200 less than 6 months ago, and just haven’t been able to figure out a way to use them that is more useful than the space they take...
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    My Tool Storage Setup, What's Yours?

    For years I have been using bags to store my tools, finally I said enough. I was tired of shuffling through bags of tools to find the right socket or wrench. The tool bags also started to annoy me because any time I wanted to put my dogs or camping gear in the back of my jeep I had to rearrange...