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  1. Xplorr313

    The OFFICIAL Trans NJ Trail Thread

    Hey guys, and gals, I decided to create an “official” Trans New Jersey Trail thread. This is where you can find the “official” route and any route info you need to know. Also, this thread will be good for those to post info about the route; like road closures, detours, dangers, trees down, and...
  2. S

    New from NJ!

    Hey everyone. I've always been super interested in overlanding but there's not really a lot of options in New Jersey. However I did just find out about the Trans-NJ Trail and I'm hoping I can find some info here.
  3. Zillon

    2 Colorados and the Trans-NJ Trail - Jackson to Barnegat

    First off, big thanks to @Xplorer313 for sending over the track. Couldn't have done this without his version of the route. Anyways, this past Sunday, a friend of mine and I met up and tackled a section of the TNJT. The TNJT is a route that was originally mapped out by two-wheeled adventure...