tire inflation

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  1. P

    SOLD *SOLD* Power Tank Combo $675 Sacramento Ca

    Hello everyone, I have a set of 2 (two) 10 lbs Power Tanks for sale. Excellent condition. Less than a year old. Used roughly 4 times. 1 Candy Red 10 lbs tank w/boot 1 Candy Blue 10 lbs tank w/boot 1 HP250i - 250 psi regulator 1 (one) 30 foot coiled hose 1 silver super bracket 1 Trooper - 0-60...
  2. OverlandEasternCT

    Tire inflator/deflator

    So I'm starting to get my small build list together and one of the most important things to me is a tire inflator/deflator. I know I'm going to get the ARB air compressor kit but I need a deflator/inflators. Can this product(picture) by ARB be used for inflating AND deflating?