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  1. JDavid

    EU Mediterranean RALLY PREP Meetup: OBPorTTugal RALLY 2020

    (VOLUNTARY WORKing) RALLY DEV/PREP WEEKEND --- SCOPE: 1) Route PRERUN + clearing/Roadbook debugging; 2) Alternative testing/recon ;3) Assistance route + roadbook testing.View Rally Point
  2. Michael

    Cancelled Test - Ignore

    This is a test of the new Rally Point Invite Flow
  3. T

    Cancelled Please Ignore - Testing Convesation Message

    Please Ignore - Testing Convesation Message
  4. ForumCube

    Cancelled - Testing - Please ignore - 09/03/2018

    This is testing please ignore View Rally Point Details
  5. T

    Event Cancelled - This is recurring public event

    This is testing