tent camping

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  1. D

    Roof top tent

    I’m looking for recommendations for roof top tents. I’ve been looking to do a cross country trip and would love to purchase (or rent) a roof top tent. If anyone has any brands or set ups that like I’d love the info! Also, I’m going to be traveling with my 45pound dog. I know that most of these...
  2. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD SLIM RTT from Hutch Tents

    Howdy! I decided to sell my new Daly 2 with Skylights from Hutch tents. 2 person tent, all weather. Mattress and anti-condensation pad all inside, plus Telescoping ladder. I like sleeping in my new Outback wagon. SOLD. more info: Daly 2 with Skylights - Preorder February and Hutch Tents Daly 2...
  3. lvrunner

    FOR SALE Price Drop - LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Black Series Alpha Overlanding Trailer for Sale

    Black Series Alpha - Overlanding Offroad Camping trailer. Purchased in December 2019 for $13,500, we used it once - so it is basically new with less than 1,000 miles on it.Would like to get $11,000 - Trailer is located in Las Vegas - got laid off with all this COVID stuff and am forced to make...
  4. UploadAdventure

    Bush Co Roof Top Tent

    My buddy Derrick at Southern Expeditions has imported in some Bush Co hardshell (aluminum) tents in from Australia. These things are epic, saw them at Moore Overland Expo, in Springfield, MO. Set up in under 30 seconds and the rain fly is actually huge, and pushes rain really off the tent, and...
  5. John Long

    US East Sold

    Location: Fayetteville, NC Gordi Gear Explorer Plus RTT $1250 Product#: ERT01 (140cm width) Link to Gordi Gear Explorer Plus website with a full product description, detailed list of specification, and literal hundreds of customer photos: Gordigear - Explorer Plus This RTT is incredibly...
  6. Nathan Hendrix

    Looking for Cool Vehicle for Overland Expo West

    Hi, my name is Nathan and I work for iKamper, manufacturer of roof top tents and outdoor products. Our newest RTT, the Skycamp, has really taken off on Kickstarter and we're planning on showcasing it at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff May 12-14. The thing is, our factory is based in South...
  7. Obi-Juan

    SKYCAMP Kickstarter Campaign just kicked off!

    Not sure if anyone is has been eyeballing these expandable hard shell RTT's being produced by iKamperUS, Inc. But if you are, you have just 9 hours to get in on the early bird special of just $1995 for the Skycamp unit, add-ons are extra. Looks like they still have some that include free Los...
  8. AdventureWithDanan

    I'm Driving Across the Country!

    Howdy everyone! I'll be heading across the country from CA to FL on the 10 this Thursday! I wish it was in my truck, but it'll be in a Penske truck full of my parents stuff... I lost my driving partner so I'll be driving alone. But to keep myself feeling like I'm still on an adventure I will...