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  1. Venture Overland Gear

    US Rocky Mountain Colorado Mountain Jam 2020

    Colorado Mountain Jam 2020 will be a low key stroll throughout the amazing San Juan Mountains and dispersed base-camping outside of Ouray, [TBD]. We’ve got 4 trail days planned to get plenty of time on the trails as well as some lazy exploring the towns of Ouray, Silverton, and Telluride.View...
  2. JK72450

    Arkansan vacationing in Colorado needs trail advice for July 2018.

    My family and I are planning on vacationing in Colorado next summer and I could use some input to make the most of the trip. We will be staying in the Ouray/Telluride area ( that's the current plan anyway ) and should have about 5 days to explore. My wife is not the most enthusiastic...
  3. killallninjas

    Some videos from Colorado. Black Bear and Imogene passes. Clear Lake.

    A couple of videos I put together from a trip to Colorado last year. No amazing drone footage. I don't have a drone.. I don't.. need... a drone..... Maybe, I NEED a drone....... Black Bear Pass: Imogene Pass: Clear Lake: