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  1. TheGreyhound

    TOOL: map how far you can go! distance / time

    Hey OB! New guy here, and in the spirit of taking up @Michael 's 500 mile challenge and planning a good 3 day outing, I was looking for tools to help me set a "target zone" Searched the forum and didn't see anyone mention this one... So, say you wanna do a roughly 500 mile...
  2. Ben Kim

    Screw spacers, I want these!!
  3. WesAdvance

    How do you map your travels? Share them with friends?

    I keep a live map that pulls from my Jeep using "Automatic" and their API. I display my routes on a map on my website. Similarly, I 'checkin' to places I like using Foursquare/Swarm and grab that data and display it on a map. I delay the map by 3-5 days to protect my privacy, but I love having...