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  1. Connor_Dobbins

    Best Budget/Used Nav System for Beginner

    I am fairly new to the whole Overlanding scene and was just using my phone's navigation with Google Maps a couple of weekends ago not expecting to lose connection as I was just in a slightly rural area of southern Wisconsin and I usually get good reception around there. But I lost connection and...
  2. D

    How to Post Public Gaia Routes?

    Hello, Is there a good way to post/share Gaia routes to forums or websites such as on Overland Bound facebook page or rally points? Thanks
  3. Pippinized

    mobile device apps that assist

    Any suggestions for ideas about phone or tablet apps that can help us out? Suggestion 1 Glympse is a phone app that will send a live-ish signal of how to track a phone for up to 4 hours. If you are heading out on the trail, you can send a link that will track the cell signal...