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  1. Freaks Off Road Adventure

    Cancelled FREE....Arizona, Drawer System For 2nd Gen 4Runner, FREE, Local Delivery/Pickup....FREE

    I am selling the drawer system that I was building for my 1991 Toyota 4Runner. I never finished building it, before I traded in my 4Runner. I have the other panio hinge and drawer handle as well as the slick tape that I used on the bottom of the drawer to make it slide. ]
  2. Joey Anderson


    SOLD TODAY. Thx.
  3. my_3g4r

    1996 Toyota MoneyPitListOfModsThatNeverEnds AKA 4Runner

    My 1996 4Runner Limited 257k and counting... As it sits 6/7/2019 Current Mods: Suspension Billstein 5100 / Eibach springs in front FJ80 8-wraps in rear Yukon/Grizzly rear locker 285/75/16 KO2 Fuel Anza 16x8 Toytec extended bump stops and brake lines Armor/Exterior True North Fabrications...
  4. archee29

    Oil Change on 5th Gen T4R

    Well, finally completed my first oil change on my '10 TE T4R. A little rocky at times, but I'll consider it a win lol. The skid plate re installation was tough, but still managed it. For those interested: Guide for 5th Gen T4Rs...
  5. archee29

    Ford chirping the 4Runner?

    I came across a video that someone posted on the /r/4Runner sub-reddit. It's a video from the Ford YouTube channel of their comparison of the '17 Explorer vs '17 4Runner. As a proud owner of a '10 T4R, I was intrigued by what the Ford's arguing points would be for the Explorer. The answer...
  6. stickel

    Used 4Runner or Grand Cherokee

    I'm in the process of getting rid of my current vehicle ('03 Subaru Legacy) and picking up a new ride. This will be a daily driver for now and I do a couple long road trips (~2k miles each way) each year to visit family; once in summer, once in winter. Right now I've got a couple alerts on...
  7. SorrTrek

    4XInnovations Rock Sliders for 99 T4R

    This project was a long time in the making, but finally got it finished. [/IMG] We welded them together and then mounted, painted them afterwards. I received pricing from an offroad fab shop and an overland shop nearby, and pricing ranged from $400-$800 to mount them. Luckily a friend was...