suspension upgrades

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  1. Boort

    What do you look for on a shakedown ride after an upgrade & Build thread question

    Seeking the wisdom of the OB hive, I'm getting the suspension upgraded on my 2006 4runner soon, along with new tires, removing Xreas, installing sliders, and installing the drawer system that my father and I built. With all of these changes what to I need to look for to make sure that...
  2. K


    I DO NOT KNOW.... I have a 2017 Chevy Colorado v6 4x4 Long Bed Crew Cab. She’s a great truck, but I wanna make her an OverLanding rig. Big question on suspensions... this being a daily driver as well, what should I do for my suspension without going long travel (not good daily driver)? What...
  3. Rob K

    Leaf-Sprung Rigs

    I've owned my 93 Wrangler 'YJ' for almost 8 years now and it does okay on local roads and the occasional highway run. I've taken one 1,000 mile weekend road trip to western PA and it was rough, pun intended. I thought after that I would be confined to the local camp spots because of my...
  4. Boort

    Recommended Shops (Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Summit County)

    I'd like to ask my Colorado Peeps if they have any recommendations for shops in the Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Summit County area. I know that many here wrench their own rigs but am hoping that some folks might have input that can help. I'm about to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade...