solar charging

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  1. Wadz

    Best Overland Off Grid Solar Portable Generator

    Guys, you may of heard of Inergy and their Kodiak Solar Generator and panels. Their generators are leaders in the industry for powerful, light weight but are expensive... They just went on sale today but only for a while or until their stock runs out because they just released their new K2...
  2. T

    DIY 12V Power Supply with Schematic

    Here is a schematic I have drawn up for a 12 volt power supply that I am currently working on. Please disregard the power inverter being direct wired to the battery. I have changed this because I have wired banana jacks to the battery for direct power so I can plug the inverter into them because...
  3. Justin Lee

    Solar Panel for charging?

    So, a friend was telling me today that his car has a feature (stock), that limits the amount of voltage his car can produce. Apparently, the manufacturer did this to take some pressure off the engine and increase gas mileage? WTH. When he is sitting still and in park, his cell phone charging is...