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  1. D

    Mount fridge slide to truck bed or add a truck bed floor?

    I’m debating the best way to mount a fridge slide to my f150 truck bed and I’ve seen people rivnut it directly to the truck bed. I’ve also seen people build a floor that’s mounted to the truck bed and then screw things on to that (probably my preference but substantially more work). i know both...
  2. OutdoorTxs

    Slide out tray for "20" size cooler

    My teardrop trailer came with a coleman "fridge" that didnt cool very well, and used up alot of battery. So I pulled it out, an built this slide out tray to hold an RTIC 20 Cooler.
  3. Lost Girls

    US Southwest Austin, Tx. Custom Storage System. $3300. will consider offers. Local or Texas pickup

    I know this system isn't for everyone but seeing if anyone is interested. I'm expanding the family and will need the back of my 4Runner for a different type of storage. I had this custom made about 2 years ago. It fits a 2018 4Runner. It may fit others? If seriously interested I can provide...
  4. Boostpowered

    US Southwest slideout, Texas

    Up for sale i have a slideout that measures 3ft long by 1 ft wide by 3 inches, when pulled out its exactly 5ft long has 3 flush mount tie downs . I bought it years ago for my old pathfinder and just never used it. I dont think there is any brand, actually pretty sure it homemade by who ive got...
  5. dziner

    US East SOLD: SnoMaster TR42 fridge with Dometic Slide - $800

    Changing things up again. I'm selling my SnoMaster TR42 fridge along with the Dometic fridge slide that it fits on. Asking $800 for both. Fridge comes with AC and DC plug along with the remote/monitor that plugs into a DC outlet that displays the temperature and voltage of the battery. This...
  6. F

    FOR SALE Borderland Outpost

    Custom built in 2016 by Borderland Trailers in Utah. Visit the website Options on mine: Kitchen Package: Power Package (modified with no solar): Canteen...