sleeping pad

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  1. billiardspintail

    Sleeping Bag and Pads

    Hey All! I have an ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Double Air Pad that is fantastic. It'll velcro together in the middle to make a roughly full size bed, or velcro over on it self to double the thickness for one person. But I'm having a problem staying on the pad when I'm sleeping. How do y'all...
  2. Braden Anderson

    FOR SALE Selling A bunch of Camp gear and Front Runner Outfitters rack gear

    Happy Summer OB Members! I'm cleaning out the storage and selling a few camp gear things along with several Front Runner Outfitters Gear that no longer work with my current setup. I have a 2016 Jeep JKU with a Front Runner Slim Line II Rack. These accessories are mostly bolt on items that will...
  3. Brandon Harvey

    Ground, Cot or Air Mattress: Make and model please.

    For you tent campers out there I am curious as to what you use to get you and your companions off the ground. I have been using a Thermarest back packing mattress am am thinking of moving to a cot but before I do I would like to get some other opinions.
  4. vonfogel

    REI 3.5" Sleeping Pad - Highly Recommend!

    My wife and I recently went to REI to get her some hiking boots, but we wandered into the camping department and noticed they had a XL REI 3.5" Sleeping Pad on display. We each tried it out and were shocked by how comfortable it was! REI has a great return policy, so on a whim we went ahead...