skid plates

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  1. NateWW35

    TheGoatForester "Build"

    Hello all, thanks again for having me. I've always loved forums, they're so full of information! I was recommended to post up a build thread of my Forester, and while it's truly all bolt ons, I guess it can still be considered a "build". 2015 Forester 2.5i Premium w/CVT - Nameless muffler...
  2. johnO

    RSG Sliders / RCI Skids

    Hey all - pulled the trigger on a full set of RCI skids for my 2018 4Runner Off-Road and now looking at sliders. Researching around and RSG seems to be getting some rave reviews. Wondering if anyone else out there has some insight. Specifically wanting to know (1) can you use the RSG sliders...
  3. JohnTYoung

    Sliders before lockers. A Taco Build Story

    I installed RCI rock sliders on my Taco and thought I'd give the YouTube a try again. Let me know what works and what doesn't. And now for some RCI Skid Plates Prinsu Roof Rack
  4. Gary Bzzz

    Opinions on weight vs protection on Aluminum / Steel skid plates

    I'm curious if anyone has a strong opinion on the weight vs protection pros and cons of Aluminum vs Steel skid plates. I don't care if they get banged up - if they don't hit on some obstacle I guess I haven't really pushed it much. I DO want to feel confident that I'm protecting vital...
  5. 94Cruiser

    80 Series Skid Plates?

    I notice that there are many manufacturers that make and sell skid plates for a variety of 4x4s, but I don't see much for the Toyota FJ80... Now, I know that the FJ80 is quite popular and even plentiful perhaps, and I'd think there'd be more available. That being said, while I've been lightly...