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  1. MotoHop

    What is your preferred shelter? (Rooftop Tent vs Ground Tent vs Etc...)

    I'm new to the overlanding scene, and I'm trying to make some decisions about my rig/gear. I'll normally be by myself. My girlfriend may potentially tag along, but she'd prefer to take the camper (Coachmen Clipper 17FQ) if she's coming with me. So with all of the experience/knowledge in the OB...
  2. M

    Review of the Clam Shelter

    Review on youtube. I bought a 150x150 screened room they seem to be really popular and thought it would be great. First off the one i bought was huge and its hard to store it in the truck at that size. I should have bought a smaller one. Check out the video any questions let me know. If you...
  3. jordan04gx

    $150 DIY Multi-Layout Removable No-Rust Vehicle Awning

    My DIY awning. Wanted something that could support multiple configurations (3 different sizes), be self supporting (no poles) if the winds were calm, but also support windy conditions if need be , could swap sides as needed, be packed externally during travel and not get in the way of rack space...