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  1. overl4nd

    US West Anybody interested in Bay area -> Folsom(MET/Uncle Tom) snow run this weekend

    The Snow gods are smiling, and the Sierra region will see over 15" in 24 hours starting Friday night . Is anybody here for a day trip to Mormont Emigrant Trail (MET) on the 2nd of Feb (Saturday). Any other destination like Uncle Tom will also do. We did one such trip (Two GX and a FJ) two...
  2. abrahamfh

    SF Bay Area In need of paint and body

    Hello everyone. I just moved to the East Bay from Southern California and am in dire need of a body and paint shop. I have a 2000 Land Rover Disco SIII in white gold with beige interior and looking to make a change. Thinking about going dark mint which I think would look pretty good with the...
  3. Gary_Tsang

    Beer and Rigs SF Bay Area Monthly Meetup - 11/04/2017

    By popular demand, continuing our monthly meetup for all SF Bay Area OB members and patrons to have a good time talking about our Overland experiences and form fellowship. We meet the first weekend of each month and try to rotate our meeting location monthly. This month our meetup point will...