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  1. JersT4R

    Securing awning to the vehicle - security lock?

    I'm installing my 6.5' awning to the stock roof rack with 'L' brackets that came with it. My question is, what did you use to secure the awning to the vehicle to keep anyone from trying to steal it? Yes, we have issues in our neighborhood with car break-ins and I'm concerned that a few...
  2. Rob K

    Hi-Lift Jack Security

    Got a new Hi-Lift jack that just came in for Christmas! I'll be working out a custom mount on my tire carrier soon. I'll try to put the project up in the 'Do it yourself' thread. This leads me to ask how you guys/gals secure your Hi-Lift when its mounted in spots it might get swiped...
  3. nickburt

    Vehicle Security - the rig itself.

    What security do you have? A side from making sure nothing is left on display, or left in the rig, what security do folk have for preventing theft of the vehicle itself? Here in the UK, theft of Landrovers, especially Defenders, is big business for the criminal fraternity. Not a day goes buy...