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  1. stickel

    Restoring leather seats

    The new to me '03 WJ I bought has some seats that have seen better days. They're leather and apparently, the trim level I got (Overland) has a unique pattern that the leather kit companies don't make. There are a couple very minor tears that could probably be patched as well as a lot of cracks...
  2. Michael

    FOR SALE Dublin, CA - 1996 FZJ80 3rd Row Seats - $300 OBO - Local Pickup

    Hey all, OK, so I know this is the OPPOSITE of what most overlanders want since most are looking to get rid of the 3rd row, but here you go! I've been keeping my 3rd row "in case" but they take up a lot of room, and I don't think they are ever going back in! They are in pretty good...