roof basket

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  1. Sailredemption

    Custom Roof Rack/Basket

    Hello all, I have a roof rack that I had custom built for our 2011 F150 Screw ARE cap with the stock Yakima rails. It is built out of 3/4" sch 80 aluminum pipe with a epoxy primer and and urethane bedliner type black paint. Rack is less than two years old. Looking to switch to a roof rack bar...
  2. FL4TOUT772

    SOLD FourTreks Modular Awning Mounts

    selling a Pair of FourTreks awning mounts that was attached on my Yakima Roof basket (1inch dia.) to a ARB awning 2000. still excellent condition. $85 shipped! link is below on what i have. very similar! Modular Awning Mounts
  3. GratefulFozzie

    Roof racks

    I’ve been searching for a cargo safari roof rack for my forester recently. I have Yakima round Bars on my roof now as the basis for my basket. Allot of options but, any good recommendations would be appreciated. Or if anyone knows what the cost of having one fabricated? I would like to keep a...
  4. CapeXterra

    DIY Roof Drop-in Xterra

    So I'd been looking at all the options of roof rack baskets out there and decided to build my own. Figured it wouldn't be hard. Looked at other peoples builds and the DepHep and Garvin drop-ins for ideas. So this DIY build I thought I'd share. It's a simple design 30"x48" Aluminum basket like...
  5. 16rav4_project

    16Rav4 snorkel and roof basket

    This is my 2016 RAV4 LE AWD that I am rigging up with stuff. The roof basket I bought from Walmart $100. The LED POD lights on the roof basket are off of amazon $16.99 for the pair. After drilling holes in the baskets lower frame I installed them and wired them up. The two on the front are spot...