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  1. RIBahler

    FOR SALE 1997 Toyota FlipPac Rig - SOLD

    *Go to this link for more Photos* Are you looking for an awesome Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with a FlipPac rooftop tent canopy and with hand built drawers and storage? Then here you are, this is the one, and you will not be disappointed! This vehicle assisted adventure rig is great for Camping...
  2. RIBahler

    Winter Camping from Kenai Pennsula to North Pole

    You can see the pics of the trip at my Google Photos Alaska Winter Camping Trip Album. You can look at each individual picture, click/tap the 'Info Icon' and it will show you the details of where the picture was taken. Here is a detailed map of the trip. My lady Amber flew to Alaska to visit me...
  3. RIBahler

    New member RIBahler - 1997 Toyota Tacoma - FlipPac Overlanding Rig

    I'm Ryan Bahler Located in Alaska - Back to Oregon in June 1997 Toyota Tacoma - FlipPac Overlanding Build My experience is intermediate. Knowledge and wisdom can always be improved and gained.