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  1. atIOIYIOI

    Am I crazy? - building a press brake!

    Yep, you read that right! After working through the body restoration of my LandCruiser BJ70 I learned a lot about shaping metal. One of the tools that I really couldn’t have done it without was a little 14” die that I made for a small manual hydraulic press - that allowed me to make nice...
  2. Kyle Forbes

    Jeep CJ5 1964 Build/Restoration

    Here' s my 64 CJ5 i have picked up at auction for $950 here in PA. The date as a type this i got the engine running after being sitting in a field next to a fence for 17 years. Runs good & idles. It will need all new tires but really just the fronts need replaced.Little did i know this has left...
  3. Laughing Otter

    Land Rover is doing what?!! Awe (wait for it)...Some!!

    Caught this story on Gear Patrol. I'd heard rumors that Toyota does this with the classic FJ Cruisers, apparently Land Rover has followed suit and is breathing new life into classic Land Rovers. The program is called, Land Rover Reborn...and this year, the program, is restoring 10 Classic Range...
  4. WakeUpAndSmellThe80

    1997 LandCruiser

    This story begins in February, after a two year search, when I scored my favorite color 1997 LandCruiser with lockers with 222,000 miles for 2500 dollars. I had set up an email alert on Craigslist, so I messaged the guy about 5 minutes after the ad appeared. By the time he had responded to me 20...