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  1. d*rock

    Looking for experienced 4x4 service in Pittsburgh area…

    I'm looking for a 4x4 service shop with reputable experience working on Gen 2/2.5 Mitsubishi Monteros. Specifically the driveline/transmission. Something broke the other day when I was testing out 4LLc low gear when I shifted it back to 2H and then R—sounded crunchy. Now also simply shifting...
  2. 1

    Overland 4X4 Repair & Service, Alexandria, VA

    Does anyone have experience with this shop?
  3. Kory Joseph

    Thoughts on upgrading trans/rad/oil coolers on older model trucks(20+ years)?

    What is everyones thoughts on upgrading their rigs to full aluminum or insulated lines? My truck is 25 years old and as far as I know the radiator is OEM. I'm worried that the high rpms that come from wheeling will degrade my engine without proper cooling...Thoughts?
  4. Rob K

    Chevy TBI Idle problem(IAC?)

    This one is pretty technical but I can't seem to find my exact problem anywhere and I thought I would share it here and see if we can't figure it out. So my girlfriend has a 95 K2500/Silverado with a 350 Small Block with Throttle Body Injection. Recently in the cold weather the truck has had...
  5. Simon Wolfe

    Well Bugger!

    In my efforts to be a good Overlander and Land Rover owner I go out to do the preventive maintenance on Oliver. I pop the bonnet and do a visual inspection and start checking fluids. At this point I discover that the coolant is down fairly low. I top it off and then start it up and fiddle...