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  1. CJTherapy

    US West Canyonlands NP- Maze District

    Come explore with me the beautiful Maze District in Canyonlands Nation Park, Utah. Beginning April 26th and ending April 30th we will spend 4 nights in one of the most remote locations you can get by vehicle. This is not a trip for the in-experienced off road driver or first time adventurer...
  2. VisualOverland

    Solo Exploration to remote locations

    This week I had an interesting experience. Left Los Angeles mid week, and headed to the desert. Now, going to remote places by myself is not something I have been comfortable with in the past. This day I said "Screw it" and packed up my essentials, picked up some food and I was off. I had an...
  3. ELY-9999

    $200 Key Fob???

    So I bought my used 1999 4runner which came with just one key and key fob. After getting the price of over $200 from the Dealership, I had to find a better way... My First attempt was to buy the Fob online which was to come with programming instructions. I got the Key Fob which looked exactly...
  4. Red Beard

    Best places for BLM dispersed camping in CO,UT, NV & NM

    like the title says what and where are your favorite places in the states listed in the title for remote dispersed camping. ....And go!!! Pictures and coordinates are a plus....