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  1. MA_Trooper

    East Region Q4 Update

    It’s been a bit of a wild year. One that has moved pretty quickly, and now we find ourselves in homestretch. With the holidays arriving, and schedules turning from time away in the woods to celebrations with family and friends, we have a brief moment to breath and reflect on what we’ve done this...
  2. Philip VanVeen

    Calendar Search

    It sure would be helpful if we could search the calendar by State or Region, someway to narrow down the list when looking for an activity to participate in. At the very least maybe require each post to list a region at the beginning. Just a thought.
  3. MA_Trooper

    Welcome, Overland Bound Region - East

    As most of you have seen, we have further defined our US regions and assigned Ambassadors to oversee them (thread here: Overland Bound Regions!). As the ambassador for the newly merged East region I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and make my goals for the region visible. About Me...
  4. UtahOverlander

    Utah Members Meetup - or any Overland Bound Members for that matter

    Hello Overland Bound Members in Utah. Overland Bound is growing fast. I would like to start communicating with other Utah-based members to setup a meetup. Looking at the members map it appears that the majority of members may be between Ogden and Provo. So I suggest we meet in Moab...