range rover classic

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  1. NineZero

    Hello from the Los Angeles area!

    So happy to be part of this great community, I'm a vintage Land Rover collector and overland enthusiast. My wife is an accomplished Overlander and Off-Road rally competitor and my daughter is happy to be along for the ride. I've been driving off-road for almost 20 years and have competed in a...
  2. HellsAngler

    FOR SALE 1992 Range Rover classic (built) SF Bay Area

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/1992-range-rover-classic/6698210821.html Just got this a little over a month ago but as life would have it I need to get a commuter asap. this was to be my DD and weeklong warrior. my loss your gain.
  3. Okierover

    Alternative Alternators

    I drive a 1993 Range Rover Classic. I've been running a NAPA alternator since 2002. Six free warranty swaps so far. I know... thrifty. We believe that this alternator is overcharging and causing voltage spikes that are eating my ignition modules. Can you suggest an alternative alternator...
  4. Laughing Otter

    Land Rover is doing what?!! Awe (wait for it)...Some!!

    Caught this story on Gear Patrol. I'd heard rumors that Toyota does this with the classic FJ Cruisers, apparently Land Rover has followed suit and is breathing new life into classic Land Rovers. The program is called, Land Rover Reborn...and this year, the program, is restoring 10 Classic Range...
  5. Paul Misencik

    FOR SALE 1989 Range Rover Classic, 2-door, 5-speed, V8

    I'm reluctantly selling my 1989 Range Rover Classic. A veteran of the 2015 Maroc Challenge (a 3000km off road rally through Morocco) and my daily driver for some time now. It's a rare-in-the-USA 1989 Land Rover Range Rover Classic, 2-door, with 5-speed manual transmission and 3.5L EFI petrol...