power distribution

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  1. Sid

    Power distribution block in rear of Jeep JKU

    So I have an Apollointech pod (cheaper sPod alternative) but with all the accessories I am installing in the rear of my rig i.e. rear rack lights, dometic fridge, 12v sockets, etc. I would have to run tons of wiring to the back of my Jeep and I hate wiring! After searching youtube and not...
  2. Overland_Mike

    Power Distribution and Firewall Passthru

    Trying keep up with the other cool overland tundras, I started on my build. First up is getting the power sorted. I plan on tackling the dual underhood batteries next as I think I can cram a pair of dual group 35's under there. Anyhow, I'm not done on the power side but thought you guys might...