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  1. OutdoorTxs

    Solar Powered, Portable Sirius Radio

    Ever get camp set up, and you go to turn on some jams, and you cant get fm radio, or wifi? Sure you could play some music stored on your phone, but that just drains the battery. I looked unsuccessfully for a solution, and decided to just make one! I scored a Sirius Radio, and purchased the...
  2. Kcrkolby

    Water Purification System

    Hey Everyone, I have been looking for almost a year now for a system that I could mount to my rig that could pump and purify water from a water source like a lake, river or stream. I just recently came across the brand "Guzzle H20." (www.guzzleh2o.com) That have portable filtration systems...
  3. D

    SOLD Zodi Extreme shower with modified burner stand

    I have this Zodi Extreme shower tank. I used it one season (maybe 5x). I'll include a burner stand with it. I bought it with the Zodi burner stand which had an extremely cheap Burner/regulator and malfunctioned on 2nd use. I had a custom ring/stand welded so you can put it over a butane stove or...