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  1. Outsane

    Cruisin2Camp Podcast

    I interviewed Michael in the last episode! https://www.spreaker.com/episode/48470974 Available on apple, google, spotify..... We mostly talk about Landcruisers Thanks
  2. Jeffrey Dill

    How to pass the time on longer drives

    My wife and I have usually just done music but we've recently started venturing into podcasts, which has been really great. It gives us something to focus on, you learn a little something, and it creates interesting conversation topics. I'd be curious to know how other folks prefer to pass the...
  3. Pippinized

    Powering your house with your car in an emergency

    Emergency power from your car to power home appliances by way of your vehicle, as well as battery banks, solar info, etc. I found this info from a podcast called "The Survival Podcast", and hope to get my Xterra set up, just in case. One of my favorite podcasts, as well as information...