pelican case

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    SOLD Pelican case

    Through work I have an access to ~15 brand new iM2875 Pelican case, we want to get rid of at a very cheap price ($100) the original value is ~$300 these cases are brand new with a custom foam which you can keep or get rid of and use the case as you wish. Please see the pictures attached, if...
  2. Road

    SOLD Brand New Pelican 1620 Case w/Foam - $190 Maine (free delivery possible)

    SOLD - Prepping for the next big trip and realize I don't need my new Pelican 1620 Case and am going for two 1600 cases instead. So, the 1620 is up for sale. $190 + shipping, US only. Free delivery possible IF you are close to my travel plans. I'm leaving the coast of Maine this weekend, headed...
  3. VCeXpedition

    Sources and Style for Roof-top storage cases/boxes

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to this company, we buy all of our cases from them, and then I realized how inexpensive they are compared to Amazon or other sellers. I live right around the corner from Pelican, and I've found these guys to be generally...