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  1. bawesomfels

    Frontier and Navara Peeps

    I've seen the "4runner owners registry" and "Jeep owners represent" threads, Subis have one too, I think! So far Frontiers seem to be far and few between. No luck finding a similar thread with the search (please correct me if there is one) so I thought we could have our little corner of OB too...
  2. KoiClayton

    1991 Nissan Pathfinder

    Hey guys, bought this a while back, finally getting the time and resources to start building it. 1991 Nissan Pathfinder SE. VG30 V6 with 228k 5 speed, 4wheel drive. Swapped out the non functioning electric doors for manual ones, and just got some new tires. Next up is fluids change, and a new...
  3. Michael

    Downloadable Overland Bound Routes!

    Hey all, We just added some of our Overland Bound Routes to the forums. The are downloadable for: Google Earth (KML Files) GPS Units (GPX Files) I took the time to trace the routes once the paths were imported to make sure the information is accurate. All routes start at a landmark that is...