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  1. OverlandOzzy1

    US Southeast Hurricane Creek and Max Patch

    Overland trip from Hurricane Creek and Max Patch!View Rally Point
  2. Lower48Outfitters

    FOR SALE Lower 48 Outfitters Black Friday Sale (Patches and Apparel)

    BLACK FRIDAY DROPS ARE LIVE!!! ONLY 35 RANGER EYE SETS LEFT! ONLY 35 TACOMA X-WING PATCHES LEFT It's our largest sale... EVER! $4 PATCHES! $8 PATCHES! 15% APPAREL . ALL DROPS AND SALE PRICES: ........... ........... Go Somewhere Ranger Eye Patches (Holiday)...
  3. Lower48Outfitters

    FOR SALE Lost and Found "Summer Waves" Ranger Eye Patches and Wood Badges

    LOST AND FOUND RANGER EYE SETS: LIMITED EDITION 135 MADE (100 DROP TONIGHT) Size: 1.25″ Each. 3D PVC and Velcro Backed. Includes Hand Numbered Art Cards Limit 3 Per Order $14 / Set Plus Tracked Shipping - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  4. Lower48Outfitters

    FOR SALE Go Somewhere America Ranger Eye Patches - Worldwide Shipping

    GO SOMEWHERE RANGER EYES ONLY25 SETS LEFT AS OF THIS THREAD PURCHASE LINK: Are you ready for adventure? A drive across country, to another state, into the woods, off to a hike, on to the beach? The Lower 48 states...
  5. Lower48Outfitters

    FOR SALE Full Time 4WD Land Cruiser Patches and Hats

    Full Time 4WD Land Cruiser Gear! Are you full time 4 wheel drive? Do you aspire to be full time 4 wheel drive? Are you sitting in the office right now thinking you’d like to only be 4 wheeling? Here’s some gear for you! Inspired by the FULL TIME 4WD badge on 80 Series Land Cruisers, this patch...
  6. Kevigizmo

    UK Overland Bound Region Patch Ideas

    Hey Everyone! Some of the members have been wondering about getting a UK Regional Patch much like the other Official Regions in USA and Australia @Defender 90 Keith and Myself had started a small conversation on of the other threads earlier in the year but had mentioned it again today, If...